Elevating and integrating a 30,000 product portfolio to create value

  • Brand, Positioning & Identity Strategy

    Brand, Positioning & Identity Strategy

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    Logo & Graphic Identity System

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    Brand Launch Internal Communications

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    Employee Culture Activation

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    Situation & Challenge

    Founded in 1802, DuPont is one of America’s most innovative companies, responsible for countless product innovations including Polyester, Teflon, Kevlar, Stainmaster, and Lycra. While a handful of DuPont’s brands have become household names, the majority of the company’s 30,000 products are chemical ingredients with very little brand awareness.

    Yet, while the DuPont brand was clearly the company’s most valuable, the brand lacked a clear and cohesive identity system. Each year, hundreds of proprietary logos and design systems were created that not only failed to leverage the equity in the parent brand, but also cost the company millions of dollars in design fees.

    As a brand scrutinized for its environmental policies, DuPont’s inability to manage the seemingly simple task of unifying its identity and communications also hurt the company’s public image. If a company can’t manage its communications, how can it build public confidence in its ability to manage the far more complex operational requirements critical to public safety?



    Analysis, Solution & Challenge

    Get the full story behind the work with DuPont to enhance its global brand.



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